Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, March 13, 2005

I wonder how much clenching an abdomen can endure. I also wonder how many gut-wrenching hours of hacking a throat can bear before it gives up completely. I am pondering, also, this morning whether the medicine the doctor gave me is going to conflict with the codeine cough syrup I got from a friend in some kind of terrible way. The sad thing is that I no longer care. If I lose consciousness, that can only be a blessing.

How many nights has it been, now, that I haven't really slept? I can't remember anymore. It is like a coughing switch has been flipped on and I can't make it go off. I have also been lame enough to have people sleeping over the last two nights so they could share my long hours of sleeplessness with me. Luckily guest number one had ear plugs. Guest number two was not so lucky.

The upside? My Abs of Steel. I just know that I will have a six-pack when this jag is over. It is impossible to put them through so much and not be cut like a diamond in the end. At least I can pretend that is going to happen.

Pray for either a cessation of this coughing or loss of consiousness, please.
¶ 9:54 AM

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