Monday, November 2, 2009

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I feel reborn!

The coughing has mostly ceased! I slept through the night and I don't feel like I am going to cry every minute today! Yea for me!

I also had a great time at the Indigo Girls concert last night. Seeing them is always like some crazy family sing-a-long. The audience sings at least as much-- if not more-- than they do. Some people hate this, I know, but I really love it. It makes me feel a part of something cozy and nice. Instant community, which is nice out here.

The only downside was this couple next to me. They were inflamed with such homely passion that I thought they might tear each other limb from limb. If either of them was hot it would have been tolerable, but that was definately not the case. The situation was worsed every minute by the constant consumption of Budweiser. As they began to get more and more drunk, their passionate gropings became less and less accurate. I became the victim of several mislanded gropings from both the man and the woman. They reeled around and around as the music played, mouths open and searching, limbs flying about, hands grabbing. They really were monsterous. Tragically, I was mesmerized by them and couldn't look away much of the time. I just kept turning to my friend, hoping to have witnesses to my pain. But other than that, it was wonderful.

Also, it is snowing right now! It is beautiful! The only downside to that is that I am sitting in my classroom right now, thirty minutes from where I live. I worry that getting home may be a problem. But I am just trying to be positive and hope for an early release.

All in all, I feel so much better than I have for weeks that I nothing can bring me too down. There is nothing like a debilitating sickness to remind of all the good in the world.
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