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Thursday, March 24, 2005

So this has become an America's Top Model / Teaching what? Ahem. Love me in all my diversity or don't love me at all.

Some thoughts on last night's episode...

I really like Naima. She seems cool. I wish they would give her new hair-- I feel bored with the mohawk action. I liked that she tried to moderate the argument between Brandy and Tatiana but wasn't all weird and gross about it. She seemed she is pretty hot.

When will this farce with Michelle end? She is not a model. She seems interesting and stuff-- especially since next week she will apparently start to be consumed by flesh-eating bacteria (was anyone else absolutely horrified by that clip of her showing Tyra her bacteria consumed lip?!?!)-- but she just isn't very pretty at all. She also isn't "fierce". And we can't tolerate lack of fierce.

Kahlen, Keenyah, Noelle, and Christina are still a little boring. I'm not sure what they are about, exactly. And the numbers on the show are still so high that is hard to keep track.

Lluvy is interesting, but I think she is going down very soon. Not very photogenic. (But what was up with Tyra's rabid insistance that Lluvy's picture was the "worst in America's Next Top Model history"?? It wasn't that bad. I have been watching a long time now and I have seen worse.)

I think that Rebecca is the prettiest...I can't tell if she is mean or not...I think she seems a little annoying at times, but I haven't made a final judgement.

I was glad to see Brandy go. I am hoping that with her gone Tiffany will become less annoying. I think that Tiffany was going down with Brandy, so hopefully without her, Tiffany will get back to wanting to be positive and stuff. (Did you see how all of the other girls wanted so badly for Tiffany to become violent with the Tennis Guy? Wasn't that mean of them? Wishing her to lose control? Awful girls).

I cannot wait for next weeks flesh-eating bacteria episode. The look of horror on Tyra's face when she sees it is wonderful. Poor Michelle.

In teaching news, tomorrow begins spring break. I have just been fired from my corporate bookstore job (for too many absences due to sickness caused by my students) so I will have a lot of time to reflect...and by reflect I mean lay on the couch and watch the Food Network and hour after hour of The Real World. Being fired helps me be thankful for my real job. Its not perfect, but at least it isn't corporate.

An aside-- has anyone else been watching The Starlet? It is like America's Next Top Model on a low budget and crack. There is a lot of howling that takes place. I watch in horror, but I can't look away. It comes on tonight on WB.
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