Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I definitely understand why my administration needs to pass these kids on. Our principal told us that if she kept back every 8th grader who was supposed to be held back we would hold over 100. This doesn't even take into consideration all the 6th and 7th graders who would also be held. Our facilities could never handle that many children. We have to send as many on as we can.

The problem is that we are creating (or already have created) this terrible situation where the children know that they don't have to do anything all year. This not only teaches them to be irresponsible; it also creates terrible behavior problems through the year. If a student knows s/he doesn't have to work, then they don't. Then they are just sitting there with "nothing to do". So they create things to do-- like call other students names or me or throw things or write in books, etc.

They know that they will be given a packet because they know there is never enough space for us to keep our word and keep them back. They have been given a packet for the last three years. It is a stupid cycle. When I announced my packet situation to the class, one of my A students said to me: "I'm a chump. Why did I do all that work?" That breaks my heart.

I have no idea how to fix any of this. I just know that we are doing these kids a huge disservice by letting them slide.

Also, Newly Interested Parent is in my room right now spying on me during my tutoring. I don't know what she thinks she is going to find. I think she just likes coming into my room and trying to intimidate me by starting at me with hate in her eyes. She doesn't really speak to me except to challenge anything I have to say. As she left this morning she didn't look at me as she semi-yelled "Goodbye" and walked out the door. I am still uncertain why her son not doing his work makes me the Devil, but I guess I am stuck with her. P.S. he is still not doing his work. Even with her in the room staring at me...maybe she should be staring at him?

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