Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Well, the testing is over and done with. I even got my scores yesterday.

They were sort of a let-down. Last year my students improved an average of 6 points. This year they improved less than three. I was trying to focus on the two or three that made huge surprising leaps, but I couldn't help but notice that most of them jumped only a little or stayed exactly the same. I guess I did no harm, but I would have liked the scores to have been a little higher. I wanted to be more impressive, I guess...The sin of vanity.

But they were not bad scores. And most of the kids were pretty happy. Tonight is their 8th grade dance-- a really big deal for them-- and I am going to be there to pry them apart when they get too close. I'm pretty stoked. I love to see them all dressed up and proud of themselves.

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