Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I have learned that as a teacher I may not ever really know the effect that I am having on my kids. Not academically (though I can get some gauge of that) and not mentally or emotionally. Students just don't come out and say what you have done for them.

Except sometimes they do! I got the following letter for Mother's Day from a student. With the letter were a bunch of drawings he had done of ninjas. (By the way, I am not a mother):

"I present this card to you from my heart wishing you a happy Mother's Day. Also one day I heard you say that language is like art so I present these arts to you, because when I went to look at these pictures I drew I thought language is art and first came to mind was to give you these.

Thank you for encouraging me so many times. For sometimes when I am down and you probably don't notice you say words to boost me back up, like for example I was sad one day and you were talking to another student who was stuck on something and they did not know how to do and you said 'don't pout keep on going and don't give up'. I then took note of that and here that same thing going in my head everyday. Love, G"

There are so many wonderful components of this letter. The general sweetness of it is awesome. Also, I know that the only time I have ever said that language is art was on the first day of school-- so he remembers it all the way from then. Also, I spent forever teaching them how to use the phrase "For example" in their essays and he used it correctly in this one. Plus, I always think I am mean when I tell them to quit pouting, so I am glad he took heart from it.

So even if your students (if you have some) don't write you a letter like this, some of them are thinking it.

Today is my reading state test with my kids. Wish us luck.

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