Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just so's ya know...

My pep rally was a great success. My team teacher did this amazing free-style about the test that had the kids jumping and screaming. Then the step team did their awesome step routine and they had made these lyrics about doing well on the test that were amazing. The kids had a blast. My principal came up to me after and said, "I have never seen the kids so happy to be taking a test!" I consider that a success.

Also. I had my first dodgeball game tonight in my tournament. I wore a sweatband that had the word "dodgeball" written on it. My sweatband was highly coveted. My skills as a player, however, were not.

I got hit. A lot. And generally speaking, quite quickly. The balls were really spongy and didn't hurt, but they were hard to throw. And the girls we were playing against knew how to play. And we didn't. And they were strong. And we weren't. But it was fun and I met some cool people. Again, a success.

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