Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday, February 04, 2005
I just got another poster to put up in my room.

Is this common? Do all districts mandate eight hundred posters to be hung from teacher’s walls? This most recent one is a very nice poster that says we will get 90% of our students to pass the state test by next year. It is very nice. It is very unrealistic and I have to wonder why we spent all this money to print a lie on really good paper, but it is a pretty sign. Last month we got these HUGE posters that tell what kids are supposed to know by the end of year. Also very unrealistic, and nice, and did I mention HUGE? I had to take down some of my word wall to put it up. We are also required to have posters with the school rules, the team rules, announcements, editing marks, etc. Every surface of my room is covered.

It seems like my district thinks that if the kids stare at something long enough, they will learn it and do it. I have to wonder if money wouldn’t be better spent on something other than signs that just seem like wishes. 90% of our kids passing the test by next year? Really? How, by looking at signs?

These online classes, coupled with my insistence on a social life, are really kicking my bootie. I have cable that I am too busy to watch, a gym membership I am too tired to use, and a comfy couch that I no longer get to lay on and blissfully eat sunflower seeds. I want these classes over. Going out last night seemed like a great idea. I had fun and hung out with good people and ate delicious fries and drank delicious beers and listened to cheesy songs from a jukebox. But this morning my coat smells like cigarettes, my eyes are puffy, and I would sell some serious blood in order to go back to bed.

I wish only that the children would be quiet today.
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