Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday, October 22, 2004
Thanks again to all that donated to Zach and his Dad.

In more frivolous news, I am so glad that Jennipher was kicked off of America's...Next....Top Model. I hated that she spelled her name with a ph. And she also seemed asleep half the time. Boring.

Predictions for next week? I think that Kelle has got to go. Either her or Nicole, because even though the website describes Nicole as "full of controversal thoughts and opinions", I can't remember her every saying anything. Again, boring.

Tonight is the fair, again. But nighttime fair is different from daytime fair. More young people lurking in the dark to find places to make out. The carnies take on a (even more) sinister look. You can actually ride the rides because you can't see how loose the nuts and bolts look on their hinges. I can't wait. ¶ 8:51 AM

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