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Friday, January 07, 2005
Today I called in sick. I am mainly sick because I stayed up way too late doing karaoke with friends. I am also sick because I have to study for the Praxis II exam that I will be taking at 7am tomorrow morning. The third reason I am sick is that I had to go try to register for classes today at a community college near here.

All of the requirements that I have to meet in order to be certified to teach seem to be preventing me from having the time to actually teach. I am having a bit of a quandry because I was too late to register for classes today (by 5 minutes!) so I think that I am not going to meet that requirement. I don't know what that means for my license or for my ability to stay out the whole year at my school. They threaten to kick you out if your requirements aren't met by a certain time, but I don't know how serious that all is.

In other news, remember when I wrote about that kid Zach? His dad was dying of lupus? Well, as it turns out, it was a lie. His dad is apparently a fraud. Isn't it a sad world when that happens? What a weird thing to do. Yikes.

Off to try to register for online classes. I don't have a computer, so I don't know how that will all work...but I am a little desperate, now.
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