Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
I'm going into my lesson today kind of unprepared. And it is totally the kind of lesson that I should have over-prepared for.

I have this awesome unit about Anne Frank that I am doing. Yesterday I was really proud of myself because I took my kids to the library and they researched different topics in teams. I had chosen their teams thoughtfully, keeping in mind levels and whatnot and made it a scavenger hunt so that they wouldn't know they were researching. It went so unbelievable well that the school librarian and I kept winking at each other from across the library. It rocked.

However. I put so much energy into that, I kind of forgot that I was bringing in laptops today. The thought is that they will now research electronically. Good skill, right? Only, I didn't really plan very well for how. So now I know that they are maybe going to run out of things to research and then they may just go wild in a room filled with thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I am picturing hundreds of copies of Sponge Bob and 50 Cent flying out of the printer no matter how much I have forbidden it. I am imagining twenty-two kids all trying to discover porn at once. Madness.

But it is all okay because tonight is America's Top Model. And I missed it last week. No stinky presidential debate to ruin my fun this time. Stinky, stinky president and presidential contender. I mean, really. Run for leader of our nation or whatever-- but don't suck up good T.V. time.


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