Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
All last year I remember telling myself that I really missed working some job that didn't make me feel socially responsible-- like slinging coffee for example.

Well, right now I am doing exactly that. And I don't feel socially responsible for anything. And I hate it so much. I guess that it is "easier" to make espresso drinks for people than to struggle with poverty in the public schools. But only "easier" in that I don't cry for the whole world while I do it.

I do, however, tend to hate the whole world while I do it. I even kind of like making legitimate espresso drinks-- like lattes, mochas, cappaccino, etc. It is the stupid, fatty, dumb shakes and smoothies I can't stand. And I can't stand the people who order them (although they are delicious and I drink them sometimes). They make so much noise and mess and there is chocolate splatter and goo on me--

Enough of that. It should suffice to say that I will be happy when I am doing this less and teaching more.
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