Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, February 28, 2005

Weather people suck.

I guess I can’t blame them for the weather. But why do they always play me out by promising snow and then nothing comes? I am a girl who likes follow through. I don’t like it when I am supposed to get off work at 8pm and I get off at 8:15pm. I can’t stand it when I expect that I am going to go somewhere and it turns out that I can’t. I don’t need specific things—I’m pretty easy-going, really—unless they have been promised to me and I am looking forward to them.

So, when I went to bed the weather people were expecting up to six inches of snow. They sounded pretty firm about it, too. I went to sleep dreaming of that 5am phone call where my team leader tells me to go back to sleep. I love waking up to that call, going to look out my window at the pretty snow, then snuggling back under my down comforter. I love to get up whenever I want and leisurely drink coffee and read or take a bath. Snow days are like gifts.

I wouldn’t have minded coming to work today if they hadn’t promised snow. I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting up at the crack of dawn, struggling into my teacher clothes as quickly as possible to counter the frigid cold in my apartment, and driving my half-an-hour commute. It would have just been a normal day.

Instead, I am angry. I am so mad that I have to be here. The kids are mad, too. We feel cheated. We feel like we shouldn’t have to really work or anything since we weren’t supposed to be here to begin with.

I guess we’ll just have to suck it up. But those weather people should be ashamed.
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