Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well, I was really, really wrong in my predictions of who would win America’s Next Top Model. All along I was sure that Amanda would take it—at the very least I was sure that it was going to be Amanda and Eva as the final two.

But when Tyra showed Yaya’s picture first at the beginning elimination? The gasp in the room was audible (by the way, sorry to anyone who reads this and does not watch ATM). My heart dropped. Especially because Yaya had done that whole "I don’t really want to make Eva feel comfortable" thing. I was very sad for Amanda because she needed the money for her kid and all.

But in the end, I am very pleased that Eva won. She seems like a nice girl and she really does represent all that Covergirl stands for! Wait, maybe that is a little much.

Oh, I am so sad it is over.
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