Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
There is a male teacher at my school who thinks he is the cra-raziest teacher ever! He comes into the building in the morning and bellows "Gooooood Morning, G Middle School!" in "Good Morning, Vietnam" fashion. I can hear him do this from way across the building. Then, at different points of my day, I can hear him bellowing and screaming many other "funny" things like that. His whole day is a performance and I am a captive audience.

I hate him.

Normally when I hate someone, I am able to hold my destain for them while they are in my presence. With him, I cannot. Every time I see him, I try to go the other way in the hall (being that my school is built in a big square, this sometimes costs me a lot of extra time). When I can't avoid passing him, my face involuntarily fixes itself into a grimace. Unfortunately, he has decided that it is his mission to make me happier, as he believes that I must look like I am about to vomit at all times-- not knowing that it is actually him that raises my bile.

So now when he sees me, he screams two inches from my face:

"Mrs. M! SMILE!" and won't go away until I fix my face in some sort of awful smile substitute.

I may have to have him rubbed out.

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