Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, October 12, 2004
I let my students do periodic evaluations of me and I thought I would share some of their answers.

To the question, "The way I feel in Ms. R's class is usually ________________", the answers included:

over-excited [???]
varies [student with a good vocabulary]
weird sometimes because we do things I have never done before
she is very fun to be around [student clearly did not read the question]
it is almost lunch time [no, it wasn't]
[and my favorite:]

When I asked them for their advice about how I could improve, I got the following suggestions:

"Except for that you take away gameday time for no reason or if a person is simply throwing away a trashball or if that they need a pencil and talk to the neighbor to have it you are the best teacher. Ever."

"Don't ever be mean."

"No advice except make class more fun or something."

"I think I need to have you for my last class so in my other class I can be happy because when I get in your class you made me mad."

"Keep up the fun good work."

"You are originality and thinking out side my box." [and there is a picture of a lightbulb]

"If this class was a little bit funner than it is and listen to what other peoples say and can you move the desks I don't like sitting here."

"When I raise my hand to asks a question you don't call on me so I shout out and that how I always get on behavior board. You are the best teacher."

"Use more than one method of teaching. We have a lot of different learners. Respect us a little more because you did the very first day but then after that you decided what you thought of us. Subconciously."

"Bring more girls to this class. The boys have too much gas."

[and my favorite:]

"I think that you should stop being or acting crazy because we do not know if you really hear voices and think that we think you are Jesus and you scare children. That is what I think."

So this is what my students think of me. ¶ 8:29 AM

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