Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, February 24, 2005

My students and I have slipped into the love part of the yearly cycle. Do you have this too? In the beginning of the year, they seem to like me. Then after a month or two they begin to dislike me. By Christmas, they hate me and wish me nothing but misery and harm. After Christmas, they seem disinterested. But right about now—pre-spring—they love me. They are comfortable with me, joke with me, and understand when I am kidding and when I’m not. It is such a blissful state. Too bad I have the whole spring cycle coming up. Spring is when they think of nothing but their boyfriends or girlfriends and see me only as an obstacle to their love. In spring I become the person who is responsible for seizing their forbidden love letters, the spy who roams the bathrooms looking for couples holed up in there, and the evil monster who expects them to read and write when they should be expending all of their energy on planning their marriage. I’ll just enjoy this pre-spring time while I can.

In other news, Angry Teacher wasn’t even reprimanded for her behavior. When I talked to her about it again, she told that she was trying to drink this sleepy-time tea stuff during the day. She says it keeps her "steady". All day yesterday when I saw her, she was holding her teacup so tightly her knuckles were white. She was swilling the stuff by the gallon. What does a teacher need to do to get in trouble around this place? Actually hit the kid with the podium? Gee whiz. I hope she remembered her calming herbal tea this morning.
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