Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Highlights of my conference included one of my (male) coworkers saying to me, "You can take notes since you are the lady" and the keynote speaker proclaiming, "Instead of safe, happy homes, our children are faced with divorce and alternative lifestyles".

You gotta love the South.

But then Owen and Charles came out to Greensboro and we found the gay bar and everything was better.

Today, I was complaining about one of my more annoying students. The woman I was complaining to said that she had had him last year. We talked very nonchalantly about his bad behavior and how we both just want to ring his neck. Then, the conversation paused. She sighed and said, "Yeah, last year his aunt's boyfriend cut her to ribbons right in front of all the kids. I think that may still be bothering him." I gasped and inquired, "Did she live?" His old teacher just shook her head and then asked me, "Do you have a quarter for the soda machine?"

It is a terrible world.
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