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Monday, December 27, 2004
With the children in the care of their loving parents (ahem) for a week, I am able to attend to very important matters in my own personal life. Here is a short list of things I will occupy myself with during this well-deserved break from school:

1. Working a lot of hours at the for working but yay for $$
2. Getting the muffler on the 'ol VW replaced so that I no longer sound like I ride a Harley instead of a Golf
3. Eating chips
4. Watching movie after movie until my eyes ache and I forget that I am a real person and that movie stars aren't my friends
5. Drinking beer
6. Creating a Lord of the Flies unit where I pit the children against one another and flirt with the line between learning and chaos
7. Talk to on the phone finally because we are too busy to do so otherwise...we will sigh and revel in the the lack of complaints due to the lack of children
8. Meditate, paint, garden, create a scrapbook-- well, not really but I have always wished I was the kind of person who did stuff like that
9. Take at least one (but probably two or three) baths a day
10. Sleep past 5am every single morning

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