Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
I have been feeling a little buried in silly (but super necessary) tasks. I am faxing this and calling that. I am remembering this and forgetting that. I keep waiting for it to end, but then I remind myself that life is just a whole litany of tasks to get done. Life is very deadline heavy. Not so horrible. I just hope I can get it all done.

In order to soothe my burdened soul I have been getting all of the PBS reality shows on Netflix. I have worked my way through the 1800 House, the 1900 House, and the Frontier House. These are the shows where they take a modern family and make them live "exactly" how they did back in whatever century they are dealing with.

I love how different people handle being thrust back into a different century. I think it is funny how certain people fall apart (usually the women because being a woman back then is just awful) but I am a sucker for how much they learn and change through the whole series. I always cry and join them in lamenting about how our society is so disconnected and obsessed with material things now. It seems really attractive to just sit with your family in a parlor and create games together instead of playing video games and not speaking to one another. But then I remember that they also get up at four in the morning to milk goats and eat rancid bacon and I get over it.

Anyone know the names of the other PBS shows like this?
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