Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Last year I didn't have a computer in my room. Nor did I have a telephone or a door lock or heat, but those are other issues. This year I do have those things, but I am finding there are pitfalls to the amenities.

For instance: You know what you can do with a computer in the classroom? Bid for items on Ebay. Yikes. Yesterday, while I was supposed to be teaching or whatever, I was actually embroiled in a bidding war for a Palm Zire 31. Unfortunately, I won.

I should not be buying a Palm

(although it is a very useful thing for a teacher and my principal said it was a 'tool of the trade and indispensible' and it can also store and play music--making the purchase of an Ipod unecessary which really saves me over a hundred dollars--and I can do my grading on it at school and at home and I can store all my parent contact info in one place and keep up with my schedule and not have any use for my checkbook and I got it for $50 cheaper than retail and...)

because I still have not gotten a new muffler put on my car which sounds very much like a VW Golf/Harley hybrid. But I am so excited for my Palm to come in the mail. It is blue, I think. And has a color screen.

Work in a low-income minority school? Want to make yourself cranky and unpleasant? Then go right out and watch "The Emperor's Club". My school made me watch it today (we have a teacher work day) and it is about these really rich white boys who's lives are changed for the better by a very stuffy, wealthy white man teacher. Hooray. I would have rather watched "Dangerous MInds" because even though that movie is dumb, too, at least I can relate a tiny bit to it. And, plus, Michelle Pheiffer is hot. ¶ 8:33 AM

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