Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday, September 30, 2004
Excuse me, readers, for I have sinned. It has been one week since my last entry.

I just have to start off with saying that America's Top Model is the funniest show on television. I still love the blind girl-- mainly because she is hardly even on the show, which means she isn't doing anything too kooky... plus she is a really hot mom, which is...well, really hot.

Aside from her, Tyra Banks is what I mostly watch for. I love the way she fumbles through faux getto speech. I adore the way she has pictures of herself up on every available surface. I get chills from how she is always popping out from behind screens and curtains and doorways like an evil presence. But what I love the most is how every time she appears anywhere, all of the models screech as though they are being stabbed to death with beauty. That kicks ass.

I also love the way every time they do anything or go anywhere, someone has a breakdown. That rules.

Enough of that from me. In school land, I feel like I have hit some sort of organizational high. I have conquered the ever-annoying problem of absence work/ suspension work/ in-school suspension work. I have a system that holds my students accountable for all-- yes, all!-- missing work, while making it easy on me. I am the envy of my team. If you want to know specifics, feel free to email me.

I also created a system with my team where we can go to the computer and write down our students behaviors in a file. Then, the next period when the next teacher goes to write something down, they can see that the student was acting up in the last class. For instance, I write down 1st period that I had to tell Pedro to stop acting up four times during 1st period. During 2nd period, the next teacher has had to disclipline him three times. She opens up the Pedro file and sees that he was misbehaving 1st block. Bingo, he is outta there. I feel giddy with pride and potential suspensions.

Gay Pride is this weekend. I went out on a date with a boy on Monday. These two events are unrelated and yet linked in my mind. ¶ 4:26 AM

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