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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I love the South.

I heard the most wonderful story today. This principal of a school came and spoke to us. He told us the tale of his first year as a vice-principal. He said there were two boys that gave him "fits" (an expression that I love). He tried everything he could think of to make them behave and nothing would work.

So he decided to try to figure out what moved them. He found out that they were very active in their church. So, one Sunday morning, he dressed up and went to the services at their church. When the preacher—who happened to be the boys’ grandmother—asked if anyone wanted to come up and ask for prayers, he walked down to the front of the church.

He asked for help and patience in dealing with the boys. The grandmother/ preacher brought the two boys forward. She then smacked each on the forehead hollering, "What ever is in there, GET OUT! Get out, Satan! Go!"

Apparently the boys were much better behaved after that. Can you imagine? How wonderful to see an irritating student be exorcised.
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