Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I don't even know where to start with America's Next Top Model.

I am so angry. Brita was my favorite. I thought that we was really the most classically beautiful girl there. Though classically beautiful doesn't necessarily have to win the competition, I don't think that she deserved to be booted off the first episode. She was so much more attractive than most of the other girls. And she seemed pretty cool.

She did take a terrible picture-- but most of the winners have, by the end. And is she really less of a top model than googly-eyes? Manly Stanley? No-neck wrestler girl?

And will Tiffany ever stop crying? It seems like if someone asked her if she wanted a sandwich it would somehow end up with a story about how she slept on a bed of nails in a crackhouse with her baby or something.

I thought that Brittany was awful subdued this last episode. And I like Lluvy and Naima.

In other non-reality show news, I figured out what to teach next. I thank everyone for the suggestions. I may use them at a later date. I decided to do a folk-tale unit. I like doing this unit because I get to read the kids stories. I always pretend it is "story time" and I act exactly like I did when I was a pre-school teacher. The eighth-graders I teach get a big kick out me having them gather around on the floor and saying things like "This is a big rabbit, isn't it boys and girls? If you have ever seen a rabbit, please put your finger on your nose." They are strangely willing to embarrass themselves in this way. I love it.

I will go mourn the loss of Brita, now.
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