Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tuesday, November 16, 2004
I want a dog.

But I feel mean for wanting a dog because I am away from home from 6am-4pm. But then I know that people who work have dogs, don't they? Am I so mean for wanting a pup to come home to? If I waited until I was home all day to have dog, I would never have one, right?

You dog folks out there-- is your dog home alone during the day? Does it seem to be alright for him/her? What if I walked it in the morning and then in the evening and was with it all weekend? Isn't it worse to just leave a dog in the pound? Wouldn't my apartment be better than nothing?

Or am I being mean? I used to have dogs but I was young and didn't labor over such matters. The dog just stayed home and I didn't worry about it. Now I want to make sure I am making the very best decision.

Advise me, oh wise dog owners... ¶ 4:40 AM

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