Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I was worried that I wasn't going to get a real vacation this summer. This worry is terrible when you are a teacher because you know how important some good 'ol down time can be.

But this summer has kicked some major bootie, really. This past weekend, I spent another fabulously fun night/morning/day at the beach. I love the drunk 4am suggestion that leads to the sobering three hour drive that leads to the greasy weird diner that leads to the eye-watering ocean swim that leads to sand in your underpants that leads to the need for more wine that leads to the weird beach bar that leads to the swim in the rain that leads to the passed out/don't remember ride home. These are the days to remember-- Natalie was right.

I also got some good news about a job I applied for, here. It feels good to be wanted. I am still struggling slightly about my decision on whether to go or stay, but many signs point to North Carolina. I realize that my Bay friends are what draw me there, but I feel like they (you) will be there when I get back, 'cause we're tight like that.

In other fantastic news-- in case anyone here hadn't heard-- Owen's birthday karaoke is coming! I am so excited I really can't stand it. Owen and I had a brief run-through of a song last night and tears literally filled my eyes, it was so wonderful. If you are in the state-- you should come. ¶ 7:09 AM

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