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Monday, September 13, 2004
What a weekend!

And the great thing is that it is extended. I took the whole day off to go to the dentist-- just because the prospect of it causes me so much anxiety. I haven't been in forever and I just know she is going to tell me that I am going to have to pay a million dollars for problems that I am sure I have.

But in nicer news, I had a very good weekend doing interesting and fun things with nice and interesting people. Perfect. Friday night I went to an art show in Pittsboro to see one of my friend's work. I was really pleased that her paintings were awesome, so as to avoid having to pretend I liked them when I didn't. The evening included Indian food, a little boy dressed in Spiderman underoos, the purchase (not by me, by my friend) of a china cabinet, and the feeding a feral cat colony. Fascinating and fun.

Then Saturday, Owen and I went canoeing. Leave it to us to turn a beautiful situation into one of hilarity and slight terror. We decided, probably not very wisely, to canoe into the banks where there were a lot of bushes and things. Our goal was to simply see a mammal-- our requirements were that the mammal should have teeth and a tail. We didn't see the mammal. But we did get stuck on a log and as we tried to dislodge ourselves, a nest of spiders all decided to come live in our canoe. As Owen tried to rock the boat off of the log, I was screaming and trying to smash spiders with my oar. There just kept popping up. There might have been about eight or nine spiders in the canoe with us. In the end, we were safe, but the bottom of our canoe was littered with spider corpses.

Then, Saturday night, a few of us went to a dinner and then out to a club. I drank a little (lot?) more than I should and ended up making out with a twenty-year-old...I feel a little guilty about that. I mean, I know twenty is legal and all, but I can't help feeling it is somewhat immoral for a twenty-nine-year-old to go out with a twenty-year-old. How young is too young? I suppose it remains to be seen.

All of this just makes me so happy to not be living in Rocky Mount anymore. Wish me luck for the dentist.
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