Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
I think I maybe have the hang of the working two jobs thing. I really like the distraction that my part-time job gives me. I don't think about my kids at all when I am at the bookstore. And now, my boss there is willing to get me out of the cafe section of the store-- which is really good because it is much easier to say, "We actually don't have that book in stock. Can I order it for you?" and push some buttons than it is to scrub floors and make half-caf, skim, slightly tepid, flat lattes with half an equal and half a teaspoon of sugar shaken not stirred.

My students are doing fine. They are weirdly okay. They are a little loud and there is this fifteen minutes of hell at the end of my day to deal with. The bell to leave rings at 3:03pm, but then we have to stay in the classroom and wait for them to announce eighth graders can go. That would be okay, but that fifteen minutes is constantly interrupted by announcements, so we can't really do any sort of real activity. So they go nuts in the fifteen minutes, you know, like they do. I have to figure something out with that. And this fifty-five minute class time thing is killing me. Last year I had an hour an a half with each class. I have to figure out how to cram in more in less time. Yikes.

Thursday night karaoke! I have invited a bunch of the people I work at the bookstore with, so I am hoping for a converging of my worlds. I love that. Also, Tres Chicas is playing for free at Borders Books in Chapel HIll at 7pm on Thursday. They are awesome and you should go see the show. I am going to.

Peace out, yo. ¶ 4:16 AM

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