Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, August 02, 2004
Today was the first day of my new teaching gig.

My classroom is soooo huge! Much much bigger than my little 'ol trailer of yesteryear. I have a space to put the kids who need "chill out" time this year instead of just making them sit two inches from a wall. I also have a teacher area where I can ask kids "Why are you here? You have no reason to be by my desk- none at all." and they can't argue. The only problem with a big room is that it takes so much energy to fix it up.

I went to the teacher store and bought two big maps because I know know that many kids around here can't distinguish between California and Michigan. They think that everything is close to Florida.

My new school is way more together-- curriculum-wise-- than my old school. It makes me feel insecure. The teams work together and stuff (or so it seems). My team is really cool and the social studies teacher is hilarious. It was a big and exciting day-- and they gave us free fruit and juice! Perks!

I am happy to be back teaching. I am sick of customer service. So sick of it. Now I only have to do it twenty hours a week!

I also get to move into my brand new apartment on Friday. I am pleased as punch. Red tropical punch. ¶ 2:32 PM

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