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Tuesday, February 08, 2005
I am frightened and guilty.

I have been chosen to go on this workshop with a few other teachers. I leaped at the opportunity because those of us going get to go to five all-day sessions of this thing. While I know that I will kick myself later when I am sitting in some boring conference room hour after hour, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get away from my kids for five whole days and still get paid.

However. Tomorrow my students are going on a big field trip. It is a complicated affair where they have to interview people. There will be other schools there. I know that it will be madness. Only the tightest reigns will keep this thing together. And tomorrow is day one of my conference.

This means that I will be leaving this field-trip up to my substitute. I know some subs read this, so I will just apologize to you, in case it is you that will have to slap name tags on my obstinate students who will insist that they can't wear them because it will ruin their clothes. Oh, and I am sorry that they will throw things in bus and cause the bus-driver to scream so near your head. I regret the fact that you may not be able to find some of them after the get off the bus because they will be lurking around the back of the building to make-out with one another. I am all torn up about your shirt or pants that one of them will ruin by spilling something on you...or worse, throwing up.

I feel so guilty making a sub go on a field-trip. I hate going on field-trips. They are so stressful and awful. I am very sorry that you may have to deal with that while I sip coffee and listen (by listen I mean doodle and daydream) to a presenter and do ice-breakers. I'm sorry.
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