Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, September 08, 2004
I'm so tired.

In other news, a few things.

Karaoke this Thursday...yes, tomorrow. Be there or be sad.

A button just fell off my shirt so I will now be spending the day dodging the stares of fourteen-year-old boys staring at my cleavage.

Progress reports are due tomorrow and I just learned how to use the grading program yesterday.

I am considering starting to date online because I think it would be fun to write about on the blog. That isn't the only reason, of course. But I do think I could get a good story or two out of it.

As I was leaving my school today three teachers were standing right next to my car looking intently up into the sky. "Definately a tornado." One said. "Yep. Definately." Confirmed another. "Will I be safe to drive home?" I inquired, worriedly. "Aw, sure, Honey." The last told me. I didn't believe her. But she was right.

I'm tired.
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