Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday, January 30, 2005
I am taking a couple of online classes. Not only am I taking classes while teaching full-time and working part-time, I am taking accelerated classes...which means they only last three weeks, but I have papers due almost every day. Since I am taking two classes, I have two papers due almost every day. I am putting myself through hell.

I am always amazed by how little an instructor will accept and call it good. I have been writing my papers in a matter of a half an hour or maybe an hour, if I am lucky. I'm not getting A's. Oh, no. But I am getting B's and I will definately pass these classes with just spewing bull. I am a little mad at one of my classes though. It is full of over-achievers who are clearly doing the reading. They just make it harder in the rest of us who are just reading the posted responses and then paraphrasing them for the instructor. Bastards.

I also find that online classes may not be the best thing for me. You see, I tend to have a beer or two or a glass of wine or three in the evenings...which means that I have been doing a lot of my school work kind of drunk. C'est la vie, no?

Tomorrow is a 2-hour delay. Why? There isn't a bit of ice on the road that I can see. What is up with North Carolina? Not that I am going to complain too much. With delays we don't have to make up the time on a Saturday or the summer. So bring it on.
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