Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2004

It is raining really hard here right now. I love it when the weather gets all dramatic. I don't even say to it, "Save your drama for your mama" like I say to my students when they get all tumultuous.

I was observed today by someone who is apparently important for some reason or another in my district. I was never officially introduced to her or anything; she just showed up in my room with a clipboard, looking official. I just went about my business and did a few things and then when the kids were settled into some task or another she came to talk to me.

She first asked, very quietly and after clearing her throat several times, "Tell me...these kids education, yes?" And here I thought I had been doing a good job. Not that there is anything wrong with special ed, but my kids aren't and if she got the impression that they were, I was going to feel a little bad. I told her no and considered for a fraction of a second asking her if she was special ed.

But then she told me she had thought that they were in special ed because the class size was so small (it is small, of course, because all of my repeaters have moved on to high school). She also said that she had observed my class with another teacher and their behavior was "insane and unbelievable" and because they were so quiet for me, she assumed I must be their special ed teacher. So that felt good. Besides, my kids are "special" in so many ways...they just don't get extra free tutoring.

I managed to throw my back out by slipping on an icy mat in front of my classroom. The plus side is that I got muscle-relaxers and I didn't have to pay for them! The down side is the incredible pain. Oh well.

It is the weekend again! ¶ 4:40 PM

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