Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Today I outed myself to about four teachers.

I wish I could tell some heroic story about how strong my convinctions are and how I decided not to live a lie and take a stand. But, like many things, it was a total accident.

I was emailing the woman I am seeing and a few teachers came up behind me as I was writing "Kisses to you" at the end. One of them read it (isn't that just the rudest thing?) out loud to everyone else. They all started fawning about how the just knew I had to have someone and why hadn't I told them, etc. I looked quickly at what was visible on the screen and sighed in relief when I saw no actually names or indications that it was a woman. So I just pressed send.

Well, Hotmail writes, "Message sent to ----" and the person's name. So they also read the name. And the name of the woman I am seeing is not a "Chris" or a "Pat" or even a "Leslie" or "Kelly". It is just plainly a girl name. The silence that fell over my small crowd was stunning.

Needless to say, the fawning ceased. Then I was immersed in the awkward silence of a group of people suddenly finding me difficult to be near. I changed the topic quickly and just closed my browser. Ugh.

I guess it is okay. I think it is for the best. But considering the reaction that the one woman I came out to had, I am not looking forward to having so many others know.

But this weekend is looking great. I took Friday off so that I can hopefully karaoke with Owen and friends tomorrow night. And Monday is a holiday. ¶ 1:40 PM

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