Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Chapel Hill, again. I had a lot of fun last night for Halloween. Owen and Charles had a party at their house and I must say that there was a lot of creativity flowing! Owen was roadkill (a dead deer, complete with crows pecking at his carcass), Charles was Clay Aiken (a really big deal out here because he's from North Carolina), and there were prom queens and a Wonder Woman, and lots of cool things.

I did what I always do, which is chicken out at the last minute and not dress up at all. Go me.

After the party, the ladies and I went to Bully's Basement, a girly bar in Durham. We saw a Drag King show and then just hung out. Then we went to get burritos. I love late night burritos.

Then, today, I had breakfast at the co-op and watched hippies and babies and puppies frolic in the sun. It was a gorgeous day out here. Then I went for a walk around Chapel Hill and UNC campus with Owen, which made me so hot and tired I came back and had a two hour nap. Love it.

Tonight I am going to Ethiopian food and I can't wait because I haven't had that in ages. And they certainly don't have it in Rocky Mount. You take culture where you can around these parts.

Tomorrow I must do work! I must! Poetry isn't just going to leap into these children's head, you know. ¶ 3:55 PM

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