Monday, June 1, 2009

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Today a kid sort of threw a desk at me. She is this girl who I was afraid to disclipine because she is so angry and scary looking. So finally today I decided I would do something about her horribly disrespectful attitude towards me. I was right to be afraid of her. By then end of ten minutes, she was screaming at me and telling me to fuck off. Then she pushed her chair at me and sort of hit me in the leg. Ugh. Help me. My kids are pretty bad. I am losing the "high expectations" that Teach for America harps on all of the time. These kids have been in eighth grade before and they don't mind doing it next year, too. I give them every opportunity to get the answers for an upcoming test; including giving them the damn answers, and they still just sit there and glare at me or sleep instead of writing them down. This kind of sucks. I need a vacation. ¶ 6:54 PM

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