Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Ah, it is hard to yell TGIF with any real zest when you only worked for one day. Owen says there is a chance of an ice storm on Monday...the only reason I wouldn't want it really is that if we miss many more days of school we will probably have our spring break taken away. And I really want to go on a trip during spring break.

Also, I was long term planning for my classes (something I should have done at the beginning of the year) and I had the shocking realization that, as far as the amount of time that I have to teach the objectives that I am supposed to teach, the school year is practically over. I barely have the time to teach what I need to teach as it is. So I am hoping for no real terrible weather.

Also, I wanted to go to this Superbowl party at Owen and Charles' house and considered driving back at night after it and I can't do that if there is freezing rain. Alas, this is one of those things I can do very little about.

Day 9, no smoking. Going fine. ¶ 6:50 AM

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