Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
The best invention in the world? The tiny handheld timer that I just started using.

This is working better than anything I have tried. I asked myself what bothered me most about my class. And I realized that I was tired of talking over them and tired of saying their names over and over. So I vowed to not do those things. So now, they start the week with a half an hour of free time on Friday to play games or "chill". Then, when I ask for their attention and they don't give it, I push the button on my timer and watch the seconds tick away. Then I subtract the time they have wasted from their game time. They really freak out when they hear that button pushed. So now, all I do is calmly say, "I'd like your attention." If they continue to talk or be out of their seat, I say, "You are now wasting your own time." and click.

They yell at each other to shut up, etc. It really is working. I hope it continues to. I feel a lot more human when I don't have to hate the world.
¶ 2:23 PM

It is working! I don't have many delusions that it will always work, but the kids are way under control right now. I have actually rather enjoyed my day and yesterday was fine, too. I am still at work, but I thought if I have something positive to say, I should do it now and quick! ¶ 10:30 AM

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