Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I am in Portland, Oregon and my life is filled with playing Strawberry Shortcake games with my neice and changing the diapers of my nephew. I couldn't be more pleased.

This is a big break from the teaching life. I feel so much lighter and I feel all the muscles in my back releasing from their 4 month long clench.

I think we will be going to the beach for Christmas and I get to go to an aquarium! Very exciting. Tonight I may be off to karoke, which is a love of mine.

All is well. ¶ 11:34 AM

It looks like I may not be able to cruise down the coast to California to visit all of those out there whom I would love to visit. It would just take more money and time than I have.

I miss all of you California friends! I promise that I will make a special trip to come see you in either February or March. I miss the Bay...and I miss all of you. ¶ 5:52 PM

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