Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Vacation is most officially over.

Tonight I must lesson plan like a dog because I did none of it over break. I feel fine about that, though, because I didn't want to work over break. And I didn't.

I was sick for most of break. But I still got to hang out with family and friends. I didn't get to go to the Bay, but I got to be in Portland while it snowed more than I have ever seen it snow. I had a great time.

Then I got back to Chapel Hill and had a simply delicious weekend. Perfection.

Now, back in Rocky Mount. Thinking about going to school tomorrow. I thought for just a moment when I left that things would be completely different when I got back. I thought that I may have a revelation about education and know what I was doing suddenly. But I am just as lost and confused as when I left. I am just trying to get through it, which seems like not the best attitude to take. But I'll try to improve.

Wish me much luck with a bunch of students who thought they would be advanced to high school over break and were not. Send me good charma for the fifty kids who have fogotten all the rules since we have been out so long. ¶ 1:00 PM

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