Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Wow. The fair was so much freakin' fun. I was so excited driving there that I was shaking. This either means that my life has become a little stagnant or that I was more stimulated by the prospect of watching pig races than I ever imagined possible.

In the end, we missed the pig races. I was really into that, but we couldn't find the gate in time. What we did get to do though is:

Sniff clouds of fried onion from the top of a ferris wheel
Listen to pedophilic carnies croon at young girls from the midway
Eat foot long sausages (some folks, not all)
Buy light-up flashing Mexican flags (viva la raza!)
Ride on a "Ghost Train" (ooooh, spooky...except not at all, but hilariously not)
Watch a fifteen minute firework display that started out in pure beauty and ended in eardrum-blowing madness
Hear hordes of missing children being called for and held in the "Lost Children's Colony"
Ride a hayride with no hay
Covet rainbow pride Care Bears
Spend time in "The Village of Yesteryear" while making fun of all the people of Yesteryear

It was really quite remarkable. It was good people and good fun. ¶ 1:33 PM

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