Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Today I had to turn in my grades for the last six weeks. I am pretty proud because only four of my kids failed. I am not sure if that means that I am not being harsh enough or that they are doing more work.

But I do have a success story. One of my students spent the first six weeks sleeping and didn't turn in a thing. But in the last three weeks, we did an intervention and he has really started to improve. He went from an F to a C for this report card. It was really a pleasure to see him light up when I told him his grade. The more success he has, the more he wants to be successful. I wish all of the kids took to it like that. ¶ 5:51 AM

I am feeling very homesick, tonight. And I am not even sure what home I am sick for. Maybe the Bay, where my friends are. Maybe Portland, where my family is.

I am a little tired of being surrounded by new things. I am enjoying my time here, but I think I need a break. I miss being around familiar and predictable people and things. I am also oddly exhausted and have been for a couple of weeks. I don't get enough sleep or exercise. Just in a funk, I guess.

And my students are so...much. They take up ninty percent of my brain at all times. I feel overwhelmed by all of their needs and wants and problems. I need to carve out more of a life of my own here and not just wait for weekends to come so I can go to Chapel Hill. I know what things would make me feel better, but I am so tired at the end of the day, I don't do any of them.

But tomorrow I have the day off to take my perfect little car to the VW mechanic. Her check engine light is on, which stresses me out. I hope it is nothing serious. And I hope there is a coffee shop near the mechanic shop. ¶ 8:06 PM

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