Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Trying to write a cummulative test for my students is a very humbling task.

What I have realized, as I have begun to write a two hour test for my students to assess what they have learned from me this last four months, is that they haven't learned more than four or five things from me. Well, this is what I thought at first when I tried to make a test. They haven't learned much that relates to the North Carolina State Standards. But here is a small list of what I think they have learned:

1. What the word harmony means.
2. That saying the word faggot is hurtful and never allowed in my class.
3. That you can get arrested for protesting a war and not just selling drugs.
4. Spitting in a trash can indoors is gross and means you'll never get a date in high school.
5. You can be funny and sarcastic without being mean.
6. Cussing makes you sound stupid.
7. Al Gore is not the same person as George Bush.
8. Having Arnold as California govenor is stupid.
9. You don't have to jump up and spin around a room to show that you are can use words!
10.If you have more than one penny you say "cents", plural! Not fifty-cent, but fifty-cents.

So, maybe that wasn't what they were supposed to learn...I can't give them a test on it, anyway. But I can feel okay about it. ¶ 6:26 PM

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