Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Oh, to be working at a public school in the South! Will the surprises ever stop?
Today, I opened my school email box to find a forward from a co-worker. This is not unusual...I get several emails a day reminding me that my friends are just angels with wings and giving me the opportunity to show my devotion by sending at least ten other people the same reminder. I opened up the attachment with the expectation of an angel message.

What I got, however, stopped me in my tracks. It was a long email that some man is sending around the internet about how he wrote a letter of disgust to CBS about the fact that one of the characters mothers on "The Practice" had come out as gay. Apparently, the character on the show has some problems with this. I guess in the show, the character eventually comes to terms with his mother's confession and loves her anyway.

This is just too much for the man writing the email. He goes on and on about how the media is trying to convince us that gay is okay and how that is an abomination before God, blah blah blah.

I'm not shocked by such a thing. Of course not. But I do feel a little bit gay-bashed to have to get this kind of thing in my very own work email. I was even more upset when I realized that the person who had sent it to me was the first person that I came out to here at school. I guess she isn't really okay with me.

Yesterday, I talked to Teach for America about being transfered back to San Francisco, where I was originally accepted to teach before being hoodwinked into come to Rocky Mount. They sounded pretty positive about it. Today's email makes me want to go even more. ¶ 5:53 AM

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