Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Weekend, oh, weekend. Where art thou, weekend?

That is the only Shakespeare I'll be reading this year. My day was pretty easy, no one threw anything. But somehow I am still depressed. I just feel so...bored. I feel like I am taking care of other people all of the time. I never liked doing that.

I gave out progress reports and they were awful. And then I realized that they are awful because I made a mistake. So there are 20 some odd kids getting "tore up" at home from their parents because of me and they didn't even really deserve it. Ugh. They get to hate me for reals now.

I'll be fine. This is a pattern. Wednesdays suck, but tomorrow I will feel close to Friday and Friday is always just fine no matter what (knock knock).

The Bachelor is on tonight. Lordy, Lordy. ¶ 12:53 PM

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