Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday, October 24, 2003

I am very disturbed that Baby Story on TLC has taken this awful turn where for the last few days they have been doing multiple births. The thing is, these births are not easy and the babies have to be whisked away and have tubes put in them and stuff.

The problem is, Baby Story used to be perfect. I could always watch it (and do every day) and know that there would be a mom and a dad and the baby would come out breathing and pink and it lulled me to sleep with pink and blue clouds behind my eyes.

But it isn't perfect anymore! It is really making me upset! Now, I am exhausted, because I can't nap without Baby Story! The cooking channel works, too, but when I get home only Emril is on and he yells! Why would you ever YELL on a cooking show?

I have never used so many exclamation marks on my blog, but I am tired! ¶ 4:25 AM

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