Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friday, October 17, 2003

My life here is becoming quite steady and busy, which I never saw coming. I am now doing sort of social things and having some fun right here in Rocky Mount.

Last night, my roomate D's high school kids had a little poetry reading thing at a coffee shop. Man was I jealous of working with those guys. High school is a whole other beast. The kids don't just snort and yell "fart!" constantly. They can actually have a conversation. We sat around and talked about their churchs for a while and it was pretty fun.

After, we went to this wine tasting/dinner thing at the local fancy cheese and wine shop (I wasn't aware that one even existed!). I met one of the other teachers from D's school who was awesome! She made me laugh so hard I cried with her impressions of her students (who are in the 9th grade and very similar to my 8th graders). I am very jealous of her ability to do right on imitations, straight down to a perfect accent and mispronuciations of words. I am thinking of bringing a tape recorder to class so that I can remember forever the sounds of my children being jerks and do hilarious impressions for friends and family forever.

Today I am off again to Chapel Hill. Thank Jesus for my friends! ¶ 6:03 AM

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