Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The mystery of the beans goes unanswered. I guess there are some things that we are just not meant to know...

However, the kids being suspended was due to the fact that they took a boy into the bathroom and beat him up. Yeah, administration can be so picky about that. So they are gone for 5 days.

Other wonderful things that occurred in the time that I was gone:

The kids were leaving class in the middle and not coming back.
They rifled through my supply cabinet and stole all my stuff.
They ripped things off the walls.

They are awful. So I had them write me essays about how to act when there is a sub and to tell me all of their behaviors and the behaviors of their classmates while I was gone. They are hilarious essays. I may publish a few.

Oy, help me. I still have to deal with the ones that are left, few of them that there are. I seriously have less than half of my third period left, due to suspensions and expulsions. Yikes. ¶ 6:08 AM

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