Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, September 22, 2003
Enough about the gays. Back here in Rocky Mount it all seems irrelevant.

I came into school today with a purpose. That purpose was to try to figure out ways to be less miserable. So I talked to a bunch of teachers and came up with a plan. I revamped all of our classroom rules. I taught nothing today and instead talked the whole hour and a half with my classes about respect and let them choose rules and consequences for themselves. I also just stared at them when they were being rude and talking out of turn until they became uncomfortable and stopped. It kind of worked. I have no dillusions that it will continue to always work, but it felt good to do something different.

I also decided to give up a little on making every assignment interesting. They do much better with boring. They can handle the structure of worksheets and quizzes so much better than music and discussion. I'd rather them be bored and hate me and learn than be stimulated and hate me and not learn.

This is my new day. Please, please, make them stop talking... ¶ 4:06 PM

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