Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday, November 06, 2003

So the car is going to be fine. It will cost about three hundred dollars at some point, but it is not so dire that it can't wait a bit. Compared to the blown engine on the last car, I feel fairly lucky. Even being in Durham for a few hours wasn't so painful. The two guys that worked at the shop were unbelievably (and at a certain point, creepily) friendly. We talked and talked until finally one of them asked me if I wanted to go somewhere. So he took me to 9th street, this kind of college street near Duke, and I got breakfast at this cute place and then planned for next week at this coffee shop.

It is really really nice to not be at school today. And tomorrow is Friday and nothing real ever happens on Friday anyway. And then there is a nice weekend to look forward to, followed by Monday at work, and then Tuesday off for Vetrans Day. Good times.

I have so much to do before the weekend...laundry, getting my nails done. Sometimes I wish I never started this whole getting my nails done thing-- it is really a never-ending task...but the girls in my class really relate to my acrylic french manicure and I think I would probably to even more drastic things like get a nose job if it helped them relate to me. But I am sleepy, so I am off to nap.

It is so fun to find out that people I don't know are reading the blog...I wonder who else is out there... ¶ 10:52 AM

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